Integrating the primary social nucleus into security strategies.
Each family downloads RADAR APP, which connects to their HOME digitalization kit that is connected to the internet in their residence giving them control and visualization allowing:
  • Report public services.
  1. Request patrol in case of emergencies.
  2. Through a secure private chat.
  3. In real-time, after the confirmation process from the police station.


Recurso 18-80

Introducing “The Mbox”
An Intelligent EDGE for RADAR HOME


Connecting cities to generate data and strategy.

A digitalization kit is installed at strategic points in the city , connected to the police and the monitoring center, which contributes to the generation of data and the continuous improvement of public services, while generating connectivity for all citizens, because it includes an Internet connection and a MESH WIFI 6 network.

LED light on pole.

RADAR APP for the whole city.

Smart servers in the control center with HD storage for up to 40 historical days.

Smart microphoneswith high-pitch sounds.

Social securitynetwork.

UNIQUE advantages of


RADAR has created the most comprehensive and innovative security tool connecting WiFi 6 MESH network and artificial intelligence algorithms.
Radar HOME achieves ZERO cost in connectivity by operating with the local network of each residence, and Radar CITY concentrates the network in centralized processing nodes (Edge Computing).


Digitizing the police and connecting them with families.

All the police officers have RADARGUARD, which allows through its mobile device to have real time geolocation to the monitoring center, digital and historical reports of patrol, route optimization, exact visualization of the location of other patrols, digital internal panic button, live visualization of nearby cameras during the patrol, citizen alert according to their proximity with direct connection via chat.


Synchronizing all elements
on a single platform.

RADAR SYNC of RADAR is a virtual monitoring tool whereby the police monitoring station can be connected to the RADAR ecosystem and have full visibility and control over it.

  • Data generated by the RADAR (HOME & CITY) camera network.
  • Alarm triggering notification panel.
  • Geo-reference and chat communication with monitoring points.
  • A.I. dashboard with access to WIFI 6 network data processing.
  • Digital management of persons of interest with alert and location.
  • COVID DETECT: Alarm by people with more than 37.5 degrees of temperature in points of interest.
  • Connection with RADARGUARD control center.
  • Management of requests for city services, with photo and video.
  • Connection with RADAR social security network.
  • Alerting for situational awareness and object detection.

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